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Here’s a question to ponder: What is cuter than a baby with its dog? Trick question: the correct answer is NOTHING is cuter than a baby with its dog. No one has ever looked at a photo featuring a toddler and a pooch and was sadder than they were before they saw it. It is just a lethal combination. An instant mood lifter.

So, we thought we’d make your day 10 times better by bringing you 10 photos of dogs with their babies that are guaranteed to make your heart melt into a puddle. We also took it upon ourselves to imagine the dialogue that’s taking place in each photo and posting the back-and-forth below each.

@dogsandtheirbabies Instagram

Baby: Knock, Knock!

Dog: Who’s there?

Baby: Nana.

Dog: Nana who?

Baby: Nana your business!

Dog: …I don’t get enough treats for this.

@dogsandtheirbabies Instagram

Dog: Oh no, did I forget to turn off the oven?

Baby: Mom’s really going to send you back to the shelter this time.


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Baby: I know you would never eat my bacon, Scruffy. A true friend would never do that.

Dog: …..


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Baby: Did that bottle taste a little strong to you too?

Dog: ZzZzzZzZ…

Baby: Guess so.

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Dog: How’d do I look? Think she’ll like me?

Baby: Come here, let me get that twinkle out of your eye.

Dog: The what?

Baby: Looks like it’s permanent. Have fun, be back by 9.

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Dog: Psst.

Baby: Not now, I’ve had a rough diaper day.

Dog: I found the Cheerios.

Baby: I’m all ears.

@dogsandtheirbabies Instagram

Baby: [to mom] My friend can pee on the white carpet whenever nature calls, and this is not up for discussion!

Dog: Ya….what he said.

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Mom: Want a treat?!

Baby + Dog: YES!

Baby: She’s talking to me, fur ball.

Dog: Don’t you have a diaper to fill?

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Baby: No one is allowed past this point. The Easter egg hunt will be for me and me only.

Dog: Just listen to her. She always gets what she wants.

@dogsandtheirbabies Instagram

Baby: Come on, lets take a picture for Facebook!

Dog: But, but, I’m having a bad spot day.

Baby: You’re a beauty. Say cheese!

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[h/t Photos courtesy of @dogsandtheirbabies Instagram]