These pictured are fully sparked by humanity. People like this are an idol to all of us. Being humans, the intellectual being we should perform kindly to our environment, but we are these days losing this sense from us. These pictures will redefine humanity and kindness.


Daniel Black got paralyzed after breaking his neck in a cycling accident in the year 2009. He was very determined to walk again and had been raising money for the surgery that would help him to be back on his feet. But after reading the story of a young six year old boy who had suffered from cerebral palsy, Brecon Vaughan, he decided to help the kid with the collected money. Brecon too needed money to get a surgery to stand on his feet. Black gave him the $37000 he had raised and now Brecon stands on his feet after having the operation in October 2013.


Glen James found a backpack stuffed with $42000, but didn’t show any selfishness to keep that along. Though he was a homeless man, he didn’t want that found money. He returned the backpack to the police. After knowing about this honest act of his, Ethan Whittington set up a fund for Glen and strangers from the entire world started donating for him. The total amount raised was $148,000. And yes this kind and honest man has a home now.


This dry cleaner provides services free of cost to unemployed people who are going for the interview. Isn’t this incredible?


This kind man risked his life to save the kangaroo from the flood. Humanity certainly exists.


How good is this? Free meal is provided to the homeless people every Friday 3-5 PM.


Harold Jellicoe Percival, a WWII war veteran had no one to bid him goodbye in his final day. Sergeant Rick Clement asked people online to give the former Bomber command veteran, the sendoff he deserves. This request was viral and more than 700 people attended this funeral. Some attendees even drove hundreds of miles to pay their respects to the veteran.


This runner helped her competitor to reach the finish line by carrying her.


This kind NY police officer gave boots to the homeless man.


These humble people apologized for their crying babies in advance on their first flight.


Fans hold up the boy who was unable to stand and view the concert, so that he could enjoy the Korn concert.


Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohammad al-Arefe has set up a refrigerator outside so that it serves as a food donation drop-off and pick-up for the people who are requiring.


Many people were without electricity when Hurricane Sandy had hit the east coast. This person had immense care for everyone.


This kind person found a phone and pasted the messages all over for the rightful person to give it back.

Credit: bored panda

These pictures have inspired me a lot. If they also have inspired you share these pictures with your friends and help them to get inspired too.