Squirrels are naturally hyperactive and curious. They are fun and playful. They love to try things that they have never done before. Squirrels are indeed one of the cutest animals that you can see in different places like parks, garden, woods and country roads. Any person would get so distracted with their cuteness! Who would not feed a hungry squirrel when you see them begging for food and searching picnic tables for leftovers? But, did you know that they can do a lot more aside from searching for food?

Here are some adorable pictures of squirrels doing fun things with their spare time.

#1. Checking Out A New Object
“Is this the thing that magically makes the chestnut go larger?”


#2. Desperately Looking for Something
“I’ve been tricked! The camera guy said there’s food in here!”


#3. Pretending to be a Voodoo Priest
“Rawr! I’m a scary squirrel! Fear Me Before I Voodoo You!”


#4. Opening a Bottle of Wine
“This smells funny..wait a minute..” …. “OH MY GOSH it’s a flying cork!”


#5. Receive Incoming Snowballs
“Crap! I Knew it! I should have dodged that snowball!”


#6. Bodybuilding
“Must…train…to get RIPPED! No pain.. no gain!”


#7. Snatching a Cigarette
“Shh.. don’t tell mommy I smoke..or else…”


#8. Searching Inside a Pumpkin
“Have you seen any nuts here? Or..do you have any? Can I have some?”


#9. Getting Startled with Watermelon Seeds
“Holy crap! What are these little black seeds doing here!”


#10. Sniffing a Hammer
“Sniff..Sniff..Well the smell is not so bad. I think I’m going to keep this in my room.”


#11. Eating a Watermelon Alone
“Shoo..go away! These are all mine! ALL MINE!”


#12. Doing Some Magic Trick
“Trust me on this guys, this is going to be the most amazing magic trick ever!”


#13. Building Blocks
“That guy said if I tell him my name using this blocks he’ll give me food.”


#14. Snatching a food away
“Haha.. I’m such a sneaky, clever squirrel! Now I’m alive for today!”.


#15. Playing Jenga
Squirrel 1: “Look man, I got my Jenga done so perfect.”
Squirrel 2: “Shiznitz! I told you not to talk to me!”


#16. Pretend to be a Cannon Ball
Squirrel 1: “Uhmmm, what are you doing?”
Squirrel 2: “They said I can be anything, so I decided to become a cannon ball.”


#17. Keeping and guarding their property


#18. Having fun with a T-Rex
“Holy molly! A Dinosaur!” …. “Thank goodness it’s frozen!”


#19. Photoshooting
“Okay.. say cheese after I count to three..1..2..3! Say cheese!”


#20. Wondering why the Camera didn’t work
“The camera didn’t flash after I pushed the shutter button, is this really working?”


Credit: Max Ellis