Abortion is a controversial topic around the world but this video is definitely worth a watch despite all those controversies surrounding it. According to the YouTube description this video was shot in December 2012 despite the stamp on the camera.

This video is the part of a six month investigation of abortion clinics launched by Live Action. Live Action is a nonprofit organization working to end abortion. The organization started a project called Inhuman. This project seeks to expose the truth behind abortion clinics across the nation.

This video shows a woman partnered with Inhuman visiting a late- term abortion clinic in Phoenix, AZ. She is shows asking Dr. Laura Mercer a series of questions about the procedure. When you will hear the description the doctor gives about the steps you will surely have trembling legs.

This video might present only one side of the issue and this doesn’t mean that all the clinics are like this but we would like to know your opinion on this. What’s your take on abortion? Please let us know through the comments.

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