Children learn from adults. Whatever we say or do, little kids pick it up right away. So, sometimes even though we don’t want them to learn some bad things, they learn it anyway.

This little girl on the video knows how to SOUND like an adult. According to her dad, every once in a while this little girl goes on a tangent and it’s usually quite funny.

In the video, Josie sounds angry. And she is angry with her grandma, Mimi. She says her grandmother said a bad word. And this bad word is “poop”. She declares to everyone that she is very angry and does not want to speak with her grandmother.

Have you ever heard a little girl sound like this before? I actually hadn’t until I watched this video. Watch the video below to see this little girl lecturing her family. You will definitely enjoy watching this. And do let us know about your opinions on the comment section below.

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