Melvyn Amrine is eighty three years old now. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease three years ago. Melvyn lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with his loving wife. Due to the disease his memory had been deteriorating day by day.

Since the birth of their first child Melvyn had always been gifting his wife a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s day. And this time too despite his illness he remembered this day and set out to get flowers for his lady. But due to lack of self power he wasn’t being able to get through and got lost in the process. On the other hand, his wife got worried after seeing that her husband was missing.

The local police however solved the entire problem. They found Melvyn and helped him to get a bouquet of flower and then helped him to get back to his home. Isn’t this man’s love amazing? Watch this video and celebrate the couple’s true love.

Even though the mind does not remember everything the heart does. Wasn’t this video amazing? I so loved to see this man’s love for his wife. Love is beautiful. If you felt the same then, share this video with your friends and family too.