Hymns are very soothing and peaceful. They can mesmerize anyone in the world. One of the most remarkable and beloved hymns in the world is “Amazing Grace”. This song is so popular and dear to everyone that even celebrities aren’t far behind on making covers on it. We have heard a lot of renditions on this song which are sung by everyone from young to old. And the following country music version of this song surely carries the emotion of this song to the core of your heart.

This man with the guitar is Marty Brown who is a singer who topped the charts in 1990s with his hit single “High & Dry”. He even participated in America’s Got Talent and won many hearts with his mesmerizing performances. In this video Marty is joined by his friend Jason Smith, who is in his wheelchair, to create a heartfelt rendition of “Amazing Grace”. They really do bring out the emotion of this song for every onlooker.

I think these two singers really sync together. What do you think?

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