Some people have innate talent and extra-ordinary passion. With enormous talent, passion and enthusiasm they can leave anyone speechless. This 11 years old girl Amira is one of such glorious examples.

After accepting an invitation from Dutch musician Andre Rieu, Amira Willighagen performs “O Mio Babbino Caro” in an opera house of Netherlands. As soon as Amira begins to sing, the crowd erupted in cheers and awe. And in every other face the camera captures; we can see some teary eyes. As expected, at the end of her performance, her spellbound audience gave her a standing ovation.

Amira never had formal music lessons from anyone. She taught herself to sing opera songs using only YouTube tutorials. Isn’t that just amazing?

In 2013, Amira won the title of Holland’s Got Talent. She had impressed the juries and audience from the very beginning. Because of her outstanding talent and exposure from the competition and other media, she is now being recognized as a brilliant opera singer.

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