Huskies are hugely famous in the internet mainly for their amazing vocal ability. It’s really interesting to see them trying their best to talk like humans. In some way, these talking dogs are similar to little babies who try hard to imitate the language and behavior of adults. What happens when they both are put together? You wouldn’t want to miss THAT moment!

Mom started to record when she saw her 10 months old Lexi and her dog Angel started to argue with each other. In this video, it really looked like Angel was disagreeing with what little Lexi was saying. That must be the reason why she was not letting Lexi complete whatever she was saying.

Lexi was talking in baby language that’s why we can’t really understand what she was saying. But Angel, her dog totally understands her and even answers her in similar language.

It is really interesting to see these two cuties arguing with each other. What do you think about this video? Do let us know in the comments below.

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