The following video shows something really cute, but funny as well. It features Simon Cowell, a wildlife rescuer and the founder of Wildlife Aid Foundations’s (WAF). He is back with a brand new rescue of a cygnet. But during this rescue, things got a bit complicated thanks to the pissed off dad swan. This father has a lot of love for his baby and it is really heartwarming!

When the baby swan was trying to sneak through a fence, he got himself caught up in it. When Simon and his team heard about the incident, they ran to his aid. But he has to not only focus his energy on saving this cygnet from the fence, but also the onslaught of the cygnet’s dad. Swans are known to be very protective parents. I wouldn’t want to cross paths with these scary birdies!

Watch the video below. This warmed my heart, but I was cracking up as well. How did you feel? Let us know in the comments!

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