Wild cats are gorgeous animals but they are fierce and wild. It is really hard to communicate with them even if they come from zoos and have constant human contacts. But, Anna Breytenbach doesn’t try a normal method to get to know these animals. What she does in this video is beyond anyone’s imagination.

A former police officer and his wife started a predator park in hopes of rescuing wild cats such as leopard, lions and panthers from bad zoos and cat hunting farms. They provide these rescued cats a nice home and freedom that they deserve. But in course of these rescues, this couple rescued a black panther who had a terrible past in a zoo. This cat wouldn’t let anyone near his night shelter and growled every time anyone gets near him. The caretakers didn’t know what to do and in desperation they contacted a famous animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach.

Watch how Anna breaks all the barriers between a human and a fierce black cat. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.

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