Until little pups are old enough to live on their own, mama dog never stops to worry about them. They are always worried about their babies and this video totally shows that.

Asha Attie is a small Shih Tzu mama dog who was abandoned at a Los Angeles shelter while she was in labor. She gave birth to 4 cute little pups but she couldn’t nurse them properly because of her terribly matted fur, putting the little ones’ lives in danger.

As soon as Bill Foundation got this information about Asha Attie, they immediately ran to her rescue. Without second thoughts they brought Asha to a veteran and gave her a haircut so that she could easily nurse her off springs. And the idea did work out!

Asha was able to feed her off springs properly and within weeks, her family was healthy and furry. Now only thing she and her family needs is a forever home.

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