A newborn infant in Colombia was declared dead by caesarian section after her premature birth. As doctors were unable to hear her heartbeat and could not notice any signs of existence so they sent their body to the morgue in a box. She was kept there for around 10 hours. But something unexpected happened, as the nurse went to take the baby’s body out of the morgue.


She had gone to take the body in order to return it to the family, it was then when she heard a soft cry. Soon the hospital realized that they had actually done something wrong. The baby’s soft cry shocked everyone and soon she was rushed out of the morgue. The baby has now been kept in intensive care.


The little girl has been named as Milagros (Miracle). She was immediately sent to the Santa Teresita del Nino Jesus clinic of Bogota along with her aunt Reyes Hinestroza. Milagros is currently receiving treatment for her underdeveloped lungs in the intensive care while her mother is still in recovery. According to doctors, baby’s soft heartbeat during birth misled them to believe that the little infant was out of life. However mistake like this is unacceptable and cannot be ignored.

Miracles happen, the existence of the little girl Milagros has conveyed us the same message. May God give her a wonderful life. Wishes for Milagros and her mom for a speedy recovery.