Sometime we go through financial hardships that completely decreases our self stem and results us being less presentable, awkward and unconfident. When Sarah Roe went through all this, she was very much confused.

Her son was diagnosed with a number of life threatening food allergies in 2005. The high costs of medications were just too much for us. In the search of finding a safe alternative she turned to coupling. She was able to prove her talent on that and was soon giving coupling classes in Oklahoma.

She has made various appearances on television and the radio over the years. Her main intention is to encourage families to live an economic life fully enjoying it. She has encouraged people to tackle the financial hardships in a great manner.

Sarah has guided the viewers to make homemade baby wipes with this video. All you need is quality paper towels, baby oil and water. This is actually a great video for moms who frequently have to use baby wipes and are also trying hard to save some bucks.

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