Who doesn’t like to gobble up some delicious pancakes for breakfast? Well I surely love to have that. I love to surf for verities of pancake recipes. And look what I found. You are going to love this!

Whenever Mom comes to visit, Meg asks her to make some of her favorite childhood recipes. And this time she requests for a baked apple pancake. This pancake is not just suitable for breakfast; it can be eaten as dessert for lunch and dinner as well. And that’s what Meg loves the most about it.

For this recipe all you need is some of the ingredients that are lying around your kitchen to be used. You can start with general batter of six eggs, a cup of whole milk, flour, salt, butter, some apples and finally some brown sugar. If you like cinnamon, you can mix it with brown sugar for more flavors as well.

Baking this delicious looking apple pancake is so easy. But the outcome is beyond my imagination. I am so going to try it when I reach home today.

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