This vide below gave me the creeps. The uploader of the video says that he just wanted to have a banana. But when he saw something moving underneath, he took out his camera to record it. When you see what comes out of it, you will never want to see a banana again! A spider forces its way out of the peel! The video has more than 5 million views in less than a month.

Luckily for all the arachnophobes, may be you can seek consolation knowing that this is a fake. CGI expert Kaleb Lechowski, from Berlin created the video. He says he made it look realistic by using a chopstick to pierce the banana from behind after which he removed the image and inserted a spider he created using a 3D software. It took him 3 days to make a 1:17 minutes video. But be careful, banana spiders are a real thing. They are also called Brazilian wandering spiders and they are one of the most venomous classes of spiders.

Watch the video below. Have you ever seen a banana spider before? Let us know in the comments!

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