Titus is an amazing kid. He is a little boy who has unbelievable tricks of shooting a basketball. Just three years old, he has already become famous due to his unbelievable skills.

I was shocked when this little kid scored from such a high floor and actually was able to make the basket without missing any. He may be very small to make such professional shots but he can’t just help it. He loves to practice a lot and puts all his effort into this.

This little kid for sure has a very nice future as a sportsman. The way he enjoys taking a shot on the court is inspirational. And his talent of course is incredible. I just wonder if he has some kind of magic within. He has even had a chance to spend his time with some huge personalities.

Both Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper, obviously believe that Titus has the potential be a great player in the future and decided to spend some quality time with this talented little boy.

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