Bobby, a loving 6-month-old golden retriever, was found gagged and beaten nearly to death in the middle of a filthy wasteland, that it was almost unbelievable how she could have survived.

This kind of incident isn’t new to Seoul, South Korea. Frequently, dogs are abused in the said country even though they have laws for assuring the safety of their animals.

Bobby had been burnt, believed to be from some sort of flame thrower, her paws and toenails smashed, and her snout cut wide open on both sides like these lunatics think that they’re the joker’s father. These actions could have led to the death of this beautiful creature.

No details were given about how they found bobby, or how long she has been left there to die, but luckily, she was found with just enough time for her life to be saved.

Now, Bobby is being cared for by the volunteers of We Love Dogs animal welfare organization. They were the ones responsible for raising donations for her treatment, including laser surgery to heal her broken legs, and now bobby is on track to a speedy recovery.

When they first found Bobby, she couldn’t eat nor drink, but now thanks to the good people of WLD organization, she is now back to being the loving and playful dog that she is.

When dogs go through these kinds of mistreatment and physical abuse, there is a huge chance that they will develop fear and anxiety when in the presence of people and may lead to aggression.

But that didn’t seem to be the case with bobby as she loves her friends from the WLD organization, and they love her just as much.

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