Bowie might very well be one of the chattiest parrots around. He is a beautiful little Ringneck who is about a year old in this video. When Bowie sees his reflection on the window one sunny Easter morning, he can’t help but start talking to himself. You will no doubt be in stitches when you see this adorable little guy talk!

His owner says that little Bowie is really happy with his toy and the sunny view outside. He also seems to enjoy some tickles. He first tries to speak to his Greencheek Conure friend, Hazel, but when she doesn’t respond, he decides to talk to himself! He sure has a lot to say to himself when he sees his reflection. “Whatcha doin”, “Gimme a kiss”, “I love you”, “Hellooo”, “Thank you”, and what not!

What an adorable bird! Watch Bowie in the video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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