Pete Benda was in high school when he suffered a traumatic brain torsion injury when he fell from the height of approximate 30 feet. Pete suffered a very deadly head injury which could result in seizures, slurred speech, comas or even death. But, his recovery shocked everyone.

When Pete was trying to change the bulb from the ceiling of his school’s theater he fell off the lift by accident. This accident changed his life forever. He had suffered the brain injury that was so severe that no one thought he would ever be normal again. But, Pete fought for himself and his family supported him in every step.

For many years Pete couldn’t speak even a word. He recovered full body functions after many physical therapies. But now, Pete has recovered fully and wants to have a normal life like any other person.

Everyone in Pete’s family was always positive about his recovery. They didn’t let their doubt about his recovery consume them. Pete listened to these positive vibes and he gained strength with it.

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