Sometimes life takes a sudden turn and everything gets changed so suddenly. It was a similar situation for Caleb Howard and his parents. When everything was going in a right direction, Caleb suddenly met a terrible accident which left him lifeless. But one day, a miracle happened!

Caleb was only six years old when he met with a car collision which left him with broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. Because of these devastating injuries he was not very responsive to outer environment even though he was perfectly conscious. His parents were heartbroken and lost all hope, until a day when they were suggested for animal therapy. But, little did they know that this would be their life changing decision.

The very next day, a therapist and a dog named Colonel stepped in to visit Caleb. And from that day the most miraculous journey began for Caleb and his parents.

Will Caleb be able to recover with the help of his dog? Watch this video below and do write your comments in the COMMENT section below.

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