A small act of kindness can sometimes result in something quite unexpected. This particular story of Travis Sattler is one of such examples.

Travis is an employee at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak burgers in Katy, Texas. On a day like any other, Travis was approached by a young boy who was clutching a couple of crumpled bills. This boy wanted to have a mini cup of mint Oreo custard. As Travis took the order, he found that this boy was short of some dollars. And what did he do for him? Travis took out his own card and paid for this boy’s dessert.

But, our story doesn’t end here. Before leaving with his mother, the boy came to the counter again. And this time, he left Travis with something that had him beaming all day long.

Check out the video to see what this little boy gave Travis Sattler. You will be surprised by the ending.

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