Sometimes distance prohibits us from enjoying the happy moments with our loved ones. Life isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Work, pressure, responsibilities make it impossible to celebrate some precious moments with our family.

Keeping this in mind, Samsung Australia decided to help two people in love come together in quite an unexpected but amazing way to let them share one of life’s most profound moments-the birth of their third child. You are now about to witness the world’s first live virtual reality birth which was succeeded with the use of Samsung Gear VR.

The mom is in Perth, Australia while Dad is thousands of miles away on work. The couple who were quite heart broken by the distance between them couldn’t believe when they got the opportunity to experience the birth of their child together with the help of this technology.

Do Watch this beautiful video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments. I actually was unable to stop my happy tears when I saw this beautiful video.

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