I am a huge dessert aficionado. But it is not very easy to make is it? If you are a dessert enthusiast, but you don’t know a thing about baking stuff, this gem of a video might be of great use. It will teach you how to make homemade balloon chocolate bowls. And all you need for this awesome treat is chocolate and balloons!

It is very simple. You need to make sure you have washed and cleaned the balloons. Inflate them and then dip them in chocolate. Then wait for them to dry and POP! You can fill them up with ice cream, fruits, whipped cream, or any other goodies for that matter! This is a fun activity that you could carry out with your families or friends and it doesn’t require extra cleanup as well!

Watch this fun tutorial below! Will you try this out any day soon? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section!

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