Wanderlust is only understood by those who actually have it or go through it. To all those who can only think of travelling, this video might be something to look forward to. This man is going to be your new inspiration. So, brace yourself and watch him go through the mountains and deserts.

Christoph Rehage started off from the fall of 2007 and his Initial plan was to walk from Beijing to Germany. He traveled over 4500 kilometers (2796 miles), after one year of travelling to mountains to blazing hot deserts he realized that he has grown a mighty long beard. But was that just it? He had been through dangers, pains, adventures, risks, relatives and loved ones. Finally, he found himself transformed into a new person.

Well new experiences ought to bring differences in person. Has anything like that happened to you? Watch this video full of adventures and let us know about your travelling experiences through COMMENTS! ENJOY this video!

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