The bird featured in the video given below is called Patrick Jane. He was named after the protagonist of the American television series The Mentalist, played by Simon Baker. This Pied cockatiel is in love with music. His owner says that “Dilemma” by Nelly is his favorite song in the whole wide world. You are going to lose it when you see how he reacts when he hears the song!

Cockatiels are known to be quite smart and we all know well they can impersonate sounds. Patrick Jane is no exception. When he hears Dilemma blaring from the speakers, he instantaneously starts lip-syncing to it! He actually takes lip-syncing to a whole new level doesn’t he? I have seen a lot of other birds do a lot of other stuff before, but this truly something else!

Watch this adorable bird singing in the clip below! What did you think of his performance? Let us know in the comments!

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