Elvis Presley is a legend in Hollywood. Till this date, you can still find his crazy fans listening to his music, and even personating him. People still enjoy his music and talk about his talent, voice and looks. No one can escape from his charm. Not even a cockatoo!

In this video, the bird on the right is an Umbrella cockatoo. This species of white cockatoo is especially famous for their striking umbrella like head crest, which are only visible when they are excited.

As soon as his owner sings one of Elvis’s song, this cockatoo couldn’t contain his excitement and spreads his beautiful head crest. He even tries to provoke his friend to do the same. But unfortunately, his friend does not seem to be a great fan of Elvis like he is.

At one point, this cockatoo even head bangs along with his owner. That is one of my favorite part in this whole video.

Check out this crazy Elvis fan. And if you have any comments feel free to drop it in the comment box below.

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