When YouTube user, “beatlesfanxxl”, posted a video in May of 2010, it went instantly viral with more than eight million views. In the clip, he and his family show us a shocking video of Mother Nature. On a late spring, a frightening storm was passing through Oklahoma City. In a matter seconds, golf-sized hails came pouring down from the sky and plummeting into their backyard pool.

In the video description, the uploader wrote, “This was the most insane hail storm or storm in general I have ever seen! Sorry about all of the oh my Gods. I was just in shock”. The video is just around four minutes long, but it will seriously end up giving you chills! Can you even imagine being out on such a weather?

Watch this monster hailstorm below! Have you seen anything like it before? Feel free to share what you think about it in the comments!

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