I have always been cutting apples the ‘normal’ way. First I cut them into quarters and slice them hollowing out the core. But for “The King Of Random” Grant Thompson, there is a 5 times better way to cut it! He has a unique way of cutting apples and according to him it is the faster, safer and most convenient way to cut an apple.

In this video, Grant teaches us a method to cut an apple in a tic tac toe pattern. This unique method separates the core effortlessly without making a lot of mess to clean later. And the slices of the apple are also cut perfectly. You can even put the slices back together and tie it up with a rubber band. With this clever method you can take your apple for lunch and it stays fresh for a long period of time.

I am definitely going to try this next time. Would you like to try this one too? Let us know in the comments below.

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