Budd Caldwell always brought a daisy and a penny to a park bench to dedicate to his wife ever since her death. The gifts are tributes to the songs the couple had loved during their fifty six years of togetherness: “Daisy a Day” and “Pennies From Heaven.”

But as the winter came the snowy and icy conditions started making it impossible for him to make a trip into the park. Though the snow covered walkways were quite dangerous to cross, Caldwell who lives in Fond du Lac, WI, continued making his daily trips but stayed in his car.

When two kind workers noticed that Caldwell was being unable to deliver his gifts to his late wife, they decided to help Caldwell by shoveling the walkway to Betty’s bench. According to local news stations, the employees will keep the path clear all through the winter.

Now with the help of those two kind gentlemen he is able to continue his visit to his wife and report what’s going on and how his day passed. Budd told FOX 11, “I tried not to let her down, and this one way that I can show that.” This heartwarming story will surely steal your heart!

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