This little deer was rescued from the road as it was almost hit by the traffic. Thankfully the workers were right around there and were able to get the little deer to a safe place. If the workers had not been around there the little deer would have even lost his life to an accident. As it had lost its way and his parents were no where near to help him, the worker held the deer to give him some love.

This baby deer seems to be so happy with this rescuer. According to the worker/ rescuer the deer showed quite a jolly mood since the time he held him in his arms and patted him. This video shows the deer and the rescuer together.

What’s great about this video is how happy this little deer seems to be with the rescuer, he doesn’t even want to get down in the land. All the baby deer wants is to be in the arms of the rescuer and enjoy as he pats and loves him. Watch the deer’s reaction as the rescuer tries to drop him in the ground, it’s hilarious.

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