Dirty Dancing premiered 28 years ago and it has been a mass favorite ever since it was released. This movie was not actually supposed to be a hit. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey hated working with each other from their previous movie “Red Dawn”. An original main sponsor, Clearasil, left the movie when writer cum producer Eleanor Bergstein refused to cut the abortion part. The test screenings were also a disaster.

But the movie managed to beat all the odds and was successful. It ended up having a worldwide gross of just under $214 million dollars and also won an Oscar and multiple Grammys for the music. The soundtrack was a chart topper coming before even Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. It is a great movie that has withstood the test of time!

Watch the final dance scene of Dirty Dancing in the video below. Did you like the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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