Life is full of surprises but it’s not every day that you get showered with a surprise that looks straight out of a fairy tale or that’s just the replica of your biggest dream. However photographer Brian got this wonderful lifetime chance to live his dream. When this National Geographic Photographer swam his way into the surreal encounter during an expedition to the Auckland Islands, he got to pursue his biggest dream which was to capture a whale.

However he certainly had never predicted to get this close to the huge majestic animal. Skerry quite blown due to the situation controlled himself and acted out fast as the 45 foot whale swam curiously to his assistant. He didn’t waste time and snapped some great pictures, immortalizing an absolutely rare rendezvous between man and marine animal on the bottom of the Ocean floor.

Watch this video as Brian describes about this unforgettable encounter in his own words. I was so thrilled, all this actually sounds so unbelievable!

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