Cats are probably one of the most independent creatures in the entire world. We think that they need our help to survive, but they are probably only using us as their slaves. Who knows? Cats aren’t interested in fetching your things or shaking their paws. They leave those mundane tasks for their doggie friends. But sometimes these adorable felines have way of catching us off guard like this video shows!

Cats aren’t renowned for doing tricks. But the little girl featured in the video can do everything a dog can. She is known as Didga (short for didgeridoo). She sits down in front of her father with her two Rottweiler sisters Lucy and Phoenix. He tells them to do a series of things like lie down and roll over, and they all do it! Even the little cat! It is really amazing to see a cat do something like this!

Watch this in the video below and let us know your thoughts about Didga in the comments!

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