Nashville, Tennessee is widely known as the capital for Country Music. Home of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall Of Fame, Nashville is profoundly called as Music City. The city is full of country music lovers and amazing performers.

When Jill Johnson, a Swedish country/pop star decided to take a fieldtrip to Nashville while filming the trip as a part of televised documentary, she had not expected she would deliver a promising talent on a park bench. Doug Seegers, a homeless struggling musician sang an original song, “Going Down To The River” for her. Johnson was completely speechless seeing his talent.

Johnson and Magnus Carlson brought Doug to Johnny Cash’s old recording studio and put together this video. The song not only became an instant hit but also jumped to the number one spot on Swedish iTunes and moreover it even caught the attention of Lion Heart Music Group.

Watch this video which shows Doug singing the incredible song. You will definitely love this video! Do tell us how you felt watching his performance through your comments!

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