We normally see police officers as strong, disciplined and in business. We hold quite a strict image of theirs. So, whenever there are videos of police officers doing something out of their original characters, it is bound to go viral.

Last time, this Dover officer was caught rocking out to the Taylor Swift’s enormous pop hit “Shake It Off”, and it went viral in the internet. He was caught in his DashCam on his police car. And this time, he is not alone. With double fun and double pack, this Dover officer is back again to take the internet by storm.

These singing cops are back in action. And this time, they left their old style of lip syncing and have decided to juice up the video even more. They break into a bona fide karaoke set, chock full of the country’s favorite pop hits on the radio.

So are you ready for these two singing cops? You will surely enjoy this video!

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