Street dogs are bound to go through numerous hardships. Abused by inhuman they are bound to live a terrible life. Like many other street dogs in Singapore, Ol Boy is a stray dog who always had to be afraid of being exterminated. He never got to experience love and warmth like a normal dog deserved. But, it was not the same case when an organization “Save Our Street Dogs” found him one day.

Some people saw Ol Boy lying helplessly on the streets and called rescuers from “Save Our Street Dogs”. When they rescued Ol Boy, he was already in a devastated condition. He had tick problem, possible cancer and couldn’t even stand on his legs. They tried their hardest but couldn’t be much of help.

Ol Boy was already ready to die in peace, but before he could leave this world, he wanted to have a home and experience love once. And that’s exactly what this organization did for him. They brought him home and gave him everything that a dog deserved in the final moments of his life. And they didn’t stop on that!

It started out as a normal rescue routine but turned out to be a life time lesson. They were not able to save Ol Boy, but they gave him something that will certainly let him leave this world in peace.

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