Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease three years ago. Alzheimer’s disease is a stressful mental condition which destroys the sufferer’s minds and the person starts forgetting who are around them. They slowly start forgetting who they are and who is around them. Alzheimer’s disease slowly steals away our dear ones from us. However, the mind might forget relations the heart does not. This story is here to prove you that.

The lovely couple.doris

Since the diagnosis, Melvyn’s memory has been fading and his wife, Doris is taking total care of him. They have now been married for sixty years. But one day Melvyn suddenly went missing. Doris was in a huge panic.

Melvyn and Doris during the time of their marriage.dor

Melvyn always used to bring his wife a large bouquet of flowers every year since the birth of their first child. He thus realized the day was coming soon so he left his home to bring that surprise for his wife. Though he no more remembers when and how he proposed his wife, he knows that he loves her way too much and wanted to show his enduring love to Doris.

Melvyn presenting flowers to his wife.dorr

The two policemen who helped Melvyn get flowers and took him back to home.alz

Credit: Daily Mail

This cute love of Melvyn left me awed. If your heart was touched by this beautiful story share it with your friends and family.