Tamara Seibert, 25 year old girl who lives in Toronto, ON, had no idea that she would get caught into such a terrifying situation that day. She had just entered the elevator with her two dogs when this terrible incident happened. She forgot to notice that one of the leashes was dragging.

Due to this, her dog Vado’s leash got caught in the door. What happened next to this was beyond terrifying. The elevator started going down and the dog began to go with it. However in this situation of crisis too, she didn’t lose her confidence and acted on the spot.

She immediately held her dog upward to save his life. Her immediate action helped her to save her dog’s life. The dog was okay as we can see it running out of the door at the end. However the lady seems to be too much traumatized at the end by the incident. I am so glad she was able to save her friend.

Watch this video and tell us what your reaction was while watching this video through your comments. I was scared the whole time while watching it.

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