I am sure you have seen a lot of booklovers in your life, but the guy featured in the video below is unlike any of them. Emmett is just a little baby, but this little man is already a hardcore fan of books. He listens intently whenever his mom Alicia reads to him. You can even see him smile a little. But when Alicia finishes the story and says “The End”? Emmett’s reaction is absolutely precious!

We can all relate to this little kid right? Remember that bittersweet moment when you finished your favorite book and it felt as if you had a hole in your heart? This poor baby doesn’t even know how to express his feelings any other way except crying out loud. He is definitely going to be one smart kid! Wait till you see this adorable guy for yourself!

Watch Emmett the bookworm baby in the video below! Let us know what you thought about this video in the comments section!

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