I have always been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. I follow her every song and every performance. But, when I saw this video, I knew I had to share this with everyone!

This amazing video features Jennifer Lopez, one of the judges of American Idol giving an unimaginable breath taking performance. It’s not a usual performance that we get to see every day. There’s a beautiful surprise hidden on this performance.

When I first saw J. Lo’s dress, my jaw dropped. At first I had only noticed the length of the dress but then what happened after few seconds actually took my breath away!

I thought that was the ultimate surprise. But I was so wrong. In an instant, I realized that this huge skirt was part of a much bigger plan involving an incredible light show. I have never heard of a dress used as a canvas for such an amazing work of art.

J. Lo’s voice and the light show look perfect together. This performance looks so enchanting. Well… this performance is not something that anyone’s likely to forget soon.

What did you think about the performance? And her dress?

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