Everything is new for little babies. The world is a big beautiful place to explore, with new things to see, smell, hear and taste every single day. There are things that really shake them up in their first experience. The first day at the beach, the first booboo, and for this girl, the very first sip of Coca cola! This little girl named Evie had just taken her first sip of the soda, and her reaction was quite epic indeed.

Her mom must have let her have a sip of the cola. She doesn’t seem too excited at first, but as soon as that first taste hits her, her reaction is priceless! She scrunches up her face in the weirdest way possible, and the flavor is so much for her to take that she actually rolls her head up to the sky for a good few seconds! Well, it seems like she’s going to be having more of this from now on!

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