Most of us are probably familiar with “Kiss Cam”, which is really famous among the audiences of any sports games. Whenever the large screen on the sports field shows video from people in the audience, the pair shown is expected to give each other a smooch. “Flex cam” is quite the similar one. But instead of a smooch, the people shown are expected to flex on the camera. And obviously this invites some funny moments.

This guy in the video thought he was a big time during a “Flex Cam” at the Philadelphia Soul game. He flashed his muscles for the camera and even turned around to show it to ladies right behind him. But obviously, he wasn’t expecting THIS turn of events. I won’t ruin it for you. You will have to watch the video to know what exactly happens to this muscular man. And don’t miss this man’s reaction. That is hilarious!

Wasn’t that man’s reaction precious?

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