This two minute short video will give you a life lesson. This video was made in India at Shishu Mandir and it was inspired by a true incident. A little boy goes to the school and searches for a drawer everywhere. When he finds the drawer he takes out some colorful chalks and goes down to the ground.

His friend tries to stop him but he doesn’t obey and moves his way. Then he removes his slippers and draws something on the ground. A non-teaching staff of the school sees him doing all these and comes near him. He finds the little two year old boy sleeping in the ground within the picture he had just drawn.

The staff gets teary eyed seeing the picture the boy had drawn. Watch the video to know what he drew. This video will not only touch your heart but also leave a deep mark. It’s really touching.

Adopting a child not only makes your life happier but gives a complete new life to an orphan child. SHARE this emotional video with your friends and family too.