Swirling in his backyard, a man stumbles across a freezing and almost dead baby squirrel. “Must have lost from his parents”, he thinks. “I can’t just let him die”. So he had a quick brainstorm and thought that the best idea would be to take it in his car’s cupboard and provide him the necessary conditions to warm up. Since he didn’t have too many materials at hand, he took out his own sweatshirt and used it as a temporary bed for the poor creature. Then he took it home to meet the other (bigger) family members. What do you think it happened next? Read on to find out!

“Just found him in the yard, freezing and barely moving. Poor guy…”


“Need to create some heat, fast. This wool sweater should do…”


“Finally home. Let’s create a warm atmosphere for my new pal. Some paper towels and a heating pad should do… oh, and maybe I should add this round thing too!”


“Aww, look at the little fella, he just loves the round thing.”


“Hmm, he’s hungry. None of his parents around, so this should do…”


Eyes still not opened


“Hey pal, here are your new parents!”


“I was sure you were going to like them!


“And seems like they like you too, look how they care after you.”


“This is going to be your bed for a while, buddy.”


“Smile for the camera!”


#Aww, just look at these 2 guys!


Feeling tired…


“Hey, stop sticking your nose in here, it’s just my new camera!”


“Yes Tom, this is how you walk around”


“Thanks dad, love you!”


“Rufff.. don’t worry Tom, mom is looking after you!”


“Now they are taking over internet…”


As you can see, animals (even those of different species) can really help each other when the need arises. This baby squirrel was extremely lucky, as only couple of hours later he could have been found dead. Now he’s got a big home to cuddle in and two lovely parents to take care of him. However, when he will have grown up he might feel the urge to climb in a tree and be surrounded by nature. It’s hard to believe that he will forget his parents, though, as there really seems to be a special bond in this case.

Credit: Nick Radford
Some say that small creatures are generally lucky. Others say that it’s more important for them to be looked after.

What do you of think of this squirrel and its new parents? Will their relationship continue for a long time from now on? Let us know in the comments box below!