Frederik the Great is one of the most beautiful horses you will ever get the chance to see. This stallion is not only gorgeous, but he is intelligent as well. He is also one of the top Freisian stallions in the world whose breed was specifically selected and focused on so as to save them from extinction. Frederik has managed to become an internet sensation over the years and he has lots of admirers as well.

In the following video, we can see this majestic animal jumping and playing around with some of his human friends. All the shots are amazing, but one of the best moments in the clip is when his trainer calls him over to play and he leaps forward for a playful kiss. You’re going to be completely mesmerized when you see this stunning stallion!

Watch Frederik the Great horse in the clip below and let us know what you thought about this video through your comments!

World Champion Friesian stallion, Frederik The Great!Frederik the Great

Posted by Horse Talk on Thursday, January 29, 2015

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