I really love parrots. They are adorable, you can teach them to do tricks, and they can even learn a few words. But sometimes if you are not careful, this mimicking ability of your cute pet could actually turn against you! Unluckily for this woman in the video, she found it out the hard way. Wait till you see what her parrot does when he gets angry!

Eric the parrot is the cutest little thing, but when his is not in a good mood, he turns into a nightmare. This parrot has been termed as the rudest parrot in the internet because of the hilarious flow of curse words that often stream out of mouth. In this video, he is angry because he could not go out for his regular walks due to the rain outside. His temper tantrum is going to crack you up!

Watch this angry parrot below! Have you ever seen a parrot get this angry over something? Let us know in the comments section!

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