This couple was told that their child would be a stillbirth due to the condition he had developed during the gestation period. Not only that but they had also been informed that their child would have a down syndrome.

The doctors were surprised when they saw the little boy was born alive. But they gave him few hours to live. Karen Wolman the baby’s mom eagerly wanted to hold her baby before he passed. However no one knew that hold would bring a miracle.

Both of the parents Karen and Bryan eagerly wanted their precious child to live, to see the world and be with them. But the doctors had asked them not to hope for all that as the ultrasound had showed that the baby not only had Down syndrome but also high drops which caused his body to swell with fluid.

But the parents didn’t lose their hope. The last wish of Karen was to hold her baby and she did so for four hours. Say it the power of a mother’s love or a miracle, Kenner the baby, slowly started getting better and thus was out of danger. Kenner is now two years old and lives with his beautiful and supportive family.

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