Golf had always been my dad’s passion but since his retirement he has made this his routine too. Whenever I go to meet him he always asks me to join him for a few rounds of golf. But working on my putting has always been quite a tough part for me.

Putting might seem like the easiest part of the game if you are watching it from a feet away from the hole, but only an experienced golfer know how difficult is the putting part in a golf game. This is the reason I absolutely love this video. I can actually relate to these golfers excitement and cheer.

This video actually left me wondering the talent behind these students amazing shot. The way these students at the Golf Academy of America in Orlando nailed this amazing trick shot is unbelievable. When the Academy uploaded this video to their YouTube account, they claimed that ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Russillo called this the “Best Available Video.” I certainly can’t disagree on that!

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