Life with Alzheimer’s is never easy, neither for the patients and nor for their family. If you have anyone with Alzheimer’s in your family you definitely know this. This video shows a grandma’s story who has Alzheimer’s. Due to Alzheimer’s she always forgets that her husband is no more with her.

She is living with Alzheimer’s, a disease which is profoundly also called as ‘the memory thief’. This grandma relearns every day, a heart breaking truth. The truth that her husband is no more with her and it’s already been six years. She forgets this everyday and when she relearns it, it’s hard for her to stop tears.

Her granddaughter who has been caring her grandma for the past two years has shared her grandma’s daily struggle through this heart whelming video. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it. Do you have any similar experience? If yes, do share with us. We value them!

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